Soundtrack Of A Photograph Says Thank You


Why I write my blog…


I write this blog because after years and years of stifling and shutting down the instinct in me to do something creative, to BE creative I finally had enough. It started with photography years ago. I gradually, and with much persuasion from my wife and friends began realizing that some of the photographs I take are actually good. With much coercion from my wife Jennie I had my own show at a local pub. For the first time I realized that there was a creative spark in me worth pursuing. I kept at the photography but did not obsess over it. I take photographs that I like to take, that appeal to me. If the results look good to others then I am happy. Gradually I began thinking it was not quite enough and in 2013 I began toying with ideas for something else to do. I spent some time writing a blog, but realized after almost finishing it that there was nothing unique to it. There was no hook to appeal to anyone outside my circle of friends and family. So I set it aside. Then after feeling a little overwhelmed at work I took a personal day and went to a coffee shop to think of ideas both personal and professional. A few hours later I remembered the blog I had began earlier in the year and thought perhaps I should combine it with my photography. I jotted down the words, soundtrack, and photograph, and thus was born this idea of photographs having their own soundtracks.


I had fleetingly thought of this idea before, but for whatever reason I quickly abandoned it as not worthwhile. But the reaction that so many people-not just in the friends and family circles, but total strangers have given me thus far has been truly astonishing. After 9 installments over 8 months the blogs have been seen by over 2000 people in 40 countries. To say I was surprised is an understatement. Beyond seeing the data in the WordPress statistics page it became something more, and it was very humbling and exhilarating. How or why on earth would someone from New Zealand want to read my blog? Or Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Brazil, Mexico or many others for that matter. Suddenly this idea, that came from scribbling down a note in a coffee shop became real. People viewing my photographs and reading my words were contacting me and commenting on the blogs and suddenly most of my trepidations eased. Perhaps a greater thrill was that most of the artists that I wrote about have either recognized or shared my blog on their own social media, and a few have even gone out of their way to message me to say thanks.


None of this was expected when I began this adventure but I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all who have read, clicked like, shared, commented, critiqued, laughed, cried, smiled, listened and enjoyed my work thus far. After a quick start I realize I have slowed down a bit but I absolutely promise that more blogs are coming. Just today I made good progress on a blog I have been working on for some time, and I have some others planned out and ready for the next few months. In addition I am working on what I hope will be a series of slightly different installments over the next few months, but until that happens I do not want to divulge. Hey…I have to keep some of my ideas to myself right?!


I would like to take a moment right now though to thank a few people who have supported me and given me lots of encouragement and help getting it out there literally around the world. First and foremost is to my wife and number one fan Jennifer. She has really convinced me more than anyone else that I created something that can be bigger, and I want to make that happen.


Next are most of the artists that I have written about. If I have not mentioned some it is only because one little blog in the vast reaches of social media and the internet has not reached them on a personal level yet, but I remain confident that someday a message will come saying, thank you, but if they do not, that is okay too. Part of the reason I write these blogs is to share my photographs along with musicians that may not yet be a household name. I am happy to do whatever it is, even on a small scale to change that. So thanks are also due to Ralph McTell, the family of Jimmy Castor, Chris Trapper, all the wonderful folks at Daptone Records but especially the fabulous duo that is Saun & Starr (Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan Lowe), Altan, Oysterband, and Ahab. You all have taken a moment to recognize me so I want to recognize all of you.


So as they say, onwards and upwards and remember, a photograph does not have to be just something you take on your phone and post to Facebook or Instagram. It does not have to be on the wall of an art gallery. It just has to be something that you appreciate, and if in looking at it you want to smile, that is great. If it makes you want to cry, go ahead and cry. If it makes you want to sing because you think of a song it reminds you of, or you equate the photograph with a particular moment, then you have created your own Soundtrack Of A Photograph, and as I continue with this blog, I think that is a pretty wonderful thing. Thank you all!


Robert Doyle
June 28, 2014


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