Soundtrack Of A Photograph, Part 16

My Four Seasons, An Introduction

Way back in Part 4 of this blog in November of 2013, I wrote a blog using  photos of trees I had taken over the years. Most of those photos were taken from a perspective of looking at trees from a distance, peering up at them. This past year, while on a beautiful spring day’s photo excursion in Central Park, I accidentally stumbled on a new approach to taking photos of trees. I certainly do not claim it to be my own, but I quickly realized I loved the perspective it presented to me. What happened is that there was a large flowering tree in full bloom on a pathway. While several other people near by stood and took their own photos standing  back and looking up at the tree, I had a flicker of a thought to go under it instead. I ducked under the low hanging branches,  placed my back up against the mighty trunk and looked up from that perspective.

I was reminded how the simplest change of looking at things differently can dramatically alter the view.  Similarly, if I turned around and now faced the trunk while still standing under the tree it also presented me with a different look to the tree. When I got home and loaded the now enlarged photos on my laptop, I really liked the results. I spent the remainder of last year taking photos of all sizes and shapes of trees in the same manner. Recently while looking through all of those photos I took last year this way, a theme of four seasons began taking shape in my head because I had amassed so many.

The reason I liked this series of tree photos especially is because standing near the trunk in that manner the branches head out in multiple directions. Sometimes they give the appearance of sloping downwards, while at other times they shoot up skywards. Kind of like holding your outstretched hand in front of you upright with fingers pointed to the sky, and then turning it so the fingers now point down to the ground. As I took more and more of these photos, the unique criss-crossing lines of branches in  multiple directions, of thick main stems supporting smaller and thinner ones reminded me of  veins. I have heard others mention this before, but it was not until I saw it through my own photos that I really began to appreciate it. The unique patterns of veins which we are born with, stay the same as we grow older generally speaking. Despite all the things that happen to us throughout our lifetime, all the changes that occur,  those unique patterns stay the same, throughout the years, in every season, at every age.

Thinking about this together with the photos I assembled throughout last year gave me an idea to explore each stage of life as a season in a blog. Spring will be birth, growth and learning. Summer will be maturity and fun, autumn will be changes and transitions, winter will be aging and death. It also struck me in preparing this that the colors of each season seemed appropriate to this idea-vibrant colors of spring, solid and strong colors of summer that give way to the changing colors of autumn before the starkness and loss of color when winter comes.  Each season will have photos of trees taken using the method mentioned above, and each will have a selection of songs as I relate stories from my own four seasons to the songs.

This entire process of writing presented me with many challenges, and turned out to be unexpectedly autobiographical in places. Certain parts made me smile at happy memories, certain parts were slightly embarrassing to relate, and others were difficult to relive again. In the end however, I am glad I stuck with it and pushed these four seasons of my life out onto these pages.    So for the next four days there will be a separate blog for each season which together will make up my four seasons, so be sure to read them all in succession. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle





5 thoughts on “Soundtrack Of A Photograph, Part 16

  1. Reblogged this on Soundtrack Of A Photograph and commented:

    2 years ago while in the process of moving, I sat down and wrote this series. My idea was to view some key periods of my life as ‘seasons’, using both music and my own photos of trees to come up with what I call a musical biography. I remain proud of it, and find myself looking back at the series quite often, which is not something I do with a lot of my other posts. I think I realized that I had stumbled on an idea worth pursuing further. I am re-posting this today because after much thought, I am announcing that I have started work on a book version of My Four Seasons- A Musical Biography. I will be using the same theme, working in some of my other posts, expanding some sections, shifting others around. There is no target date, and I will still be writing new posts here, but I am ready to get this going! Looking forward to sharing this all with you in the not too distant future.


  2. What a neat way to chronicle time. I remember as a child always looking up at things and being fascinated by that view point. Not sure it was because I was so small and everything seemed so tall, or maybe it was because my head was always “in the clouds”! I’d look at the trees and the arms and found their branches outstretched wide or tangled to and fro and wondered at what they must be feeling to be the way they were. I still look up at trees. I am looking forward to seeing the trees you’ve captured through your eyes! All the best to you in this venture. Koko

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    1. Thank you so much. What a wonderful observation and memory. I still look up at trees, even when I am not photographing them. I mean, how can you not! No two are the same, there are hundreds of types, thousands of leaf patterns, and on and on. They represent so much when you think about it. Tenderness of youth, strength in maturity, fading with age. I guess that was the main point I wanted to express. The book idea will be a reworking of most of my posts, with new material and expanding/editing what I previously wrote. If you want to read the series as is now, it is a menu choice on my home page. I’m still debating whether to reblog them all now. At the time I wrote them I did not have much of a blogging network but that has changed now. Thank you Koko!

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      1. I will definitely go back and read your previous posts! Yes, reblog. Some readers don’t go far back in someones blog. I usually choose a few bloggers to read as far back as I have time at the moment. There are so many wonderful sites and I do try to fit them in and around my life. I am in awe of trees for so many reasons. They have been so important to animals and humans for our homes, our transportation, the air we breathe, warmth…Our state just did a neat program of planting 100 thousand trees in a day. We planted 20 on our property. It was awesome and I am looking forward to watching the saplings grow their first branch! I love the title of your blog. Write the book, repost, do it all! There are no rules. Have a wonderful weekend. Be well, Koko 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much for this comment! I will go ahead and reblog them all. You are right. The more time someone has blogged, the more blogs there are but I do try to go back to the archives. And I so agree with you about trees. I really and truly cannot get enough of them. So impressive what you and your state did. I enjoy watching the trees bud in our neighborhood too. Just today even though we got a touch of snow, there were forsythia starting to bloom. Thanks especially for the final comment. There are no rules indeed! Have a great weekend as well 🙂

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