Photo Shuffle-Dixie Chicken

So for the last two weeks I have been taking a blogging class here via WordPress. Slight tweaks have been made to my page, and I understand so much more about WordPress now. I have met so many great bloggers during that time and looking at their pages has unleashed all sorts of ideas. One idea that escaped last week was to do very short and quick posts still built around the same theme of matching a photograph with a song that I have been doing since this blog started almost 2 years ago.

My idea was to do something almost akin to a game show lightning round.  The other night I was working on (yet) another playlist for my Ipod. I love making playlists and am forever creating new ones or tweaking existing ones, seeking some sort of perfection in the perfect Country, Folk, or Soul Mix. Even though I am the only one who typically hears these, I look for the perfect balance in how it works, how it flows. It seldom has the desired effect, so in the end I inevitably dump a bunch of songs in the playlist and hit shuffle. And  doing that the other day is where I had my idea.

What I will do is put my entire Ipod song list on shuffle (some 15,000 songs), hit play, and choose a photo of mine on the spot that I think matches it. So not much different from my regular blogs on the surface, but I’m hoping this will be something that people enjoy for the fun and randomness of it. A fellow blogger even suggested possibly having 4 or 5 photos that you the reader will choose one to fit the song best. There are only two rules I will follow. First is that if I have featured an artist here extensively here before and they show up in the shuffle, I may bypass them for something new. Second, there honestly may be songs that I really can’t match up with one of my photos (The Clash’s ‘Bankrobber’ is not a song I can really do much with!). When that happens I will just hit skip and try the next one. Alright then, those are the rules, now let’s play!


I took this photo on my first trip to Alabama several years ago. The thing I realized about Alabama on that trip is that the skies really are so blue. But wait, stop that guitar riff that just entered your head right now. Save that for the bar on Saturday night. Actually, get the bar to play the song I am about to describe instead. I always have an eye out for taking photos of decrepit buildings like this one alongside a road. When they have a sign still attached to them like this I feel like it is pay dirt. It adds to the rustic feel. The song that goes to this photo is Little Feat’s classic song, Dixie Chicken. Even though Little Feat are not a southern band, and even though far too many people ask Little Who? or worse, think that this is a Garth Brooks song, I can’t think of a more obvious choice for this photo. I first heard  Little Feat on some short lived Thirtysomething meets Melrose Place show sometime in the 1980’s. I was hooked immediately . Give it a listen and hear for yourself.  And ask the bar to play it instead of that ‘other’ song on Saturday night for a little fun!

Thanks to for the idea. Be sure to check out her blog!

Dixie Chicken-Written By Lowell George & Fred Martin

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle


20 thoughts on “Photo Shuffle-Dixie Chicken

  1. i know you’re about to take a lil break and all…but you really need to make this a regular in your blog. It’s something new…it’s different….people will want to see more of it…please take that into consideration. This is great Robert!!! Wonderful job.

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    1. Thanks so much Tasha! I wanted to see how it might take hold first, but I think I stumbled on something that people could enjoy. Not to mention that other people could help me out with, hint, hint! Seriously appreciate the comments and support. Been fabulous meeting such great people like you!

      Liked by 1 person

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