Photo Shuffle-Edge Of The World

I pressed ‘Play’ on my Ipod and this is what I heard….

“Edge Of The World” By Runrig

“The adrenaline infrastructure bringing on it’s troubles some more”

Today’s shuffle choice is a particularly good one for me. One of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite bands, Runrig. I briefly wrote about them as part of the My Four Seasons series but I have been eager to return to their music here. The basics are that they come from Scotland and have been a band for over 40 years now. Their music is deeply influenced by both the landscape of Scotland and its language. Runrig were certainly among the first bands to write new songs in the Scottish Gaelic language. Edge Of The World is obviously not one of them, but I hope you do some exploring of more songs yourself.

I have been to Scotland only once and the photographs I took at that time were more of the vacation type so the photo here represents the song rather than Scotland itself. The edge of the world has always been an interesting concept to me. Of course some people once thought the world was flat and had an ‘edge’ to it. Beyond that, I don’t think there has been anyone who hasn’t  looked out on the ocean and thought they were on the edge of the world. Staring at the horizon and feeling exposed to the elements, knowing there is mostly an emptiness beyond much like in the words to this song. I say mostly because the reality is that though the view might be of the vast ocean beyond, we know there is always another side, and someone else perhaps thinking similar thoughts on the other side.

I have been thinking of this idea in the last month especially due to the refugee crisis in Europe. Complex issues but I think of those refugees heading out, looking out at the edge of the world themselves as a way of escape. Hoping to step away from the precipice that others are pushing them towards. Then getting pushed back again  by people that don’t really want them there. It makes me feel that as a society if we keep pushing one another to the edge pretty soon there won’t be one left to stand on. What do we do then?

Edge Of The World-Written By Calum and Rory MacDonald

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle

*Photo Shuffle is a new, very short slice of my regular blogs based on setting my Ipod on shuffle and matching up one of my photographs to whatever comes up.

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