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Hello good people!

My name is Robert and welcome to my music and photography blog Soundtrack Of A Photograph. After much prompting from other bloggers I decided recently to expand my About page to give you all a better idea of who I am, and what this blog is all about.

Here are the basic facts-

Born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, raised in the suburbs of New Jersey in a little speck of a town called Demarest. Lived a completely normal suburban life of riding bikes, playing baseball and swimming.Β Went to a private boys high school where the only exciting thing that happened in those four years was running cross country and that loneliness of the long distance runner sort of stuff.

After that I went to Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. While there I studied literature and art history which of course explains how I wound up with a degree in Foreign Affairs! I also came across a band that expanded my tastes and brought me on a path of musical exploration I am still happily on today.

At some point years ago I took up photography and gradually I started becoming more confident with it, and people would tell me I had a good eye and took interesting shots. But one day just over two years ago, I had a minor crisis and I realized I wanted to do something more. I did not just want to take photographs, but I wanted to do something different with them. Maybe something that had never quite been done before. As I sat in a coffee shop thinking of ideas, I simply wrote down my passions. At the top of the list were Music and Photography. It was a few minutes later when I defined it as Soundtrack Of A Photograph and this blog was born as a result.

The question was simply, what if a photograph had a song to go with it? One that fit the mood, the season, or the emotion of the photo the same way it does to a movie. For two years now I have been making that connection and as long as there are photographs to take and music to hear, this project will continue.

So sit back, have a listen, have a read and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!


Here is a link to my old About Page-https://robpatdoy.wordpress.com/about/

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle

32 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks Tasha! That is maybe my favorite photo of Jennie and I so I’m glad you liked it too.. I still run on occasion, but I don’t devote enough time to it. I watch what I eat, but I need to get back into a fitness regime. I ran the NY Marathon once too! This all came about because a certain blogger whom shall remain nameless (The Thought Card) πŸ˜‰ strongly suggested I do a more thorough About Me page. I’m glad you liked it.


      1. Hehehe…The Thought Card being so thoughtful!!! Im glad she pushed you…it will help your readers connect with you even more!!! I thought you were going to say she encouraged you to run in the marathon lol

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    1. Thanks for pushing me. See above comment from Tasha for full props to you! I see the difference. It feels better having it like this than the other way. I was glad to explain the concept a little bit more than my tag line of My Photos, My Music, My Thoughts. I tried keeping it as simple as possible too.Thanks for this Danielle

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  1. Im glad you had that great idea of outting photos and sound together, you make the world a little happier with your talent!! I enjoy your photos and your taste in music! As someone that has has the pleasure of working with you (from a distance) I am happy to have found your blog!!!

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  2. Yes, you do have an eye for taking the best shots…..and that is an adorable pic of the two of you. Sometimes the best things happen on their own and there seems some invisible hand in all we do. All the best in all you do….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much once again Shalini. You write the best comments! I like the way you put that-the invisible hand. I think there is truth to that! Thanks for the compliment too. I think its one of the best of us together πŸ˜„

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    1. Thanks Liza! Really friendly? I resent that! Lol, just kidding. This wasn’t really hard to do but I wanted to keep it brief, and touch on things I hadn’t mentioned in my blogs already about my life. In one sense I already did a four part About Me series already…but I obviously had to keep it short and sweet and more importantly I wanted to explain the nature of my blog better than I had previously. I’m glad people have been liking it. Thanks!

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      1. Thanks Liza. Danielle and another blogger made a really good point about the importance of a good About Me page especially if you needed to explain the concept a bit. The About Me series I referenced is ‘My Four Seasons’ which is a menu choice on my home page. I had a series of photos I took of trees in all four seasons in a certain way last year. I used them as markers from each season as a way to describe key times in my life (both good and bad). I think we talked about this when I told you about my accident. For some reason in the menu though it posted them newest to oldest, so if you ever have time to read them (they are long) scroll to the bottom first πŸ™‚ Thank you as always Liza

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    1. Thank you so much Summer! Hope the exams are going well and you get a nice break at the end of it. And yes, I feel very passionate about this because quite simply it is something that came from nothing, just moments before. I am glad I was able to relate to people in this post how it all came about, coming from such a singular moment. I had written and scrapped a blog earlier that year because I realized it had no hook. It was just writing. I’m glad I stuck with it and glad I get to meet awesome bloggers like you! Thanks you as always πŸ™‚

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  3. What a sweet pic of you and Jennie! Even sweeter that she’s your best friend. I’m going on 25 years with mine. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to perusing! May happiness follow you both around always! Best, Koko❀

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