2015 In Photos

Like a lot of people do, when it becomes closer to a new year, I like to recap some of the best things have I read, heard and watched throughout the year. Having this blog I thought I also might share some of my favorite photographs I have taken in 2015. Some of these have made their way into blogs, while others have not, but they all represent what I consider to be my favorites. So have a look in the gallery below, and thank you as always!

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle


28 thoughts on “2015 In Photos

  1. The first photo and the photo of the Union Square lamppost are my favourites in this selection.

    Seems like 2015 was a nice year “photography wise” for you. Glad to see you share it with us.

    Your idea inspired me, I might do a similar post 😉

    Keep up the great work in 2016!

    Best regards,

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    1. Thanks so much Tieme for such great comments! Unfortunately I didn’t really go too many places this year because we moved, but I found a lot of inspiration in my new neigborhood. Those are some of my favorite shots too and I look forward to your post.
      Best regards!

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      1. I guess going to places is great, but getting to know what is interesting to shoot nearby is more realistic and acquires some creativity! As everything is “boring” in your eyes when you know the scene 🙂

        Thank you 🙂


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    1. Thank you again Shalini. I genuinely appreciate your comments. I love being out on the water here in the city. So much activity all the time back and forth .As to the fire sunset, you are right that sunset is meant to be pacifying. I just did not know another term that touched on the same initial thought of what it looked like.

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    1. Thanks so much! I just did a blog about those sunsets from our new apartment a few weeks ago and I hesitated putting them up here again..but they really were some of the best shots i took this year, so thank you for the comment 🙂

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  2. What? Two posts in one week? I wasn’t ready for this lol. One thing about living in NY is that you have a lot to work with…photography wise. These are all fantastic photos Robert and I love being able to see the city through your eyes!!!

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    1. Rocking your world lol! Well I seem to be running out of time to get things done so I thought this would be a nice change of pace for people. You are right in what you say. I can take photos of buildings, or sunsets, or the waterfront, or even nature in the urban environment. Its all there for the taking!

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  3. richardalaba

    Hey Robert; I just found your blog and am fascinated with the idea of randomly pairing sight and sound via photography and music. I’ve had 25 as a professional photographer but I’ve hung up my pro gear and now blog my passion for films at https://richardalaba.wordpress.com. After taking probably around a million images over that time I now feel they all have musical soul mates somewhere in time and space. Looking at your posts make me think that almost any image will find harmony with almost any piece of music, but once the random match is made, its as if they communicate and bond. Look forward to seeing more of your ideas. cheers, Richard

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    1. Hi Richard! Thank you so much for that. I’m going to give your blog a look right now. What you say is exactly what my idea is about in many ways. How a still photo can have its own soundtrack the way a film soundtrack does. Though sometimes I struggle to get them out, you are right that there is no shortage of material to choose from. Appreciate the comment!

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