Photo Shuffle-When One Door Opens


I pressed ‘Play’ on my Ipod and this is what I heard…When One Door Opens (Another One Opens Wide) by Carrie Newcomer

For some peculiar reason, I love taking photographs of doors. I am not exactly sure why though. Sometimes it might be because I admire the architecture of a building or a house and the doorway inevitably finds its way into the shot. Other times it might be a color contrast. A bright red or green door contrasted against a neutral color house just screams to have its photo taken. It may also be that I love the rustic look of the door, quite often because it is in disrepair, such as in the photo above. Whatever type it is, there is something very ordered and symmetrical about a door. Photographers spend a lot of time trying to ‘frame’ their shots in a way that draws attention to the core element of the shot. So for me, when I find a door that I find interesting enough to take a photo of, it is always the ‘star’ of the shot.

But as it turns out, I am certainly not alone. Entire photography books and posters have been published about them, usually along the lines of “Doors Of London” or other cities around the world. It also is not surprising that writers and musicians have utilized them in their own works. There is good symbolism contained within the simple act of opening and closing a door so maybe it is not so peculiar that I take photos of them myself after all.  One such artist that wrote a song utilizing the theme of a door is singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer. If you have never heard the name before, Carrie has been writing and performing wonderfully crafted songs for close to thirty years now. So long in fact that I can’t recall exactly where I heard her music for the first time, but I knew that though lots of people can say they write songs, Carrie really writes songs. I have been a fan since.  In addition to the music, Carrie has also written a book and has been a cultural ambassador, in addition to other humanitarian causes.

Before it came up on my Ipod shuffle today, it had been awhile since I played this song. I was reminded just how gifted a songwriter Carrie is. Those opening gospel flavored chords give way to a song teeming with thoughts built around the idea of opening and closing doors. My favorite are these lines-

There are windows and doors, you’re not finished with yet
It’s not always getting what you want, but wanting what you get

Symbolism can be great, but there are times when speaking directly is the best approach. I think that is what I admire about this song especially. Of hopes and desires  you may not even realize you have. Of looking for more. Of realizing that in those moments after the door has been slammed in your face that there is always another door starting to open. You just need to keep looking.

When One Door Opens (Another One Opens Wide)-Written By Carrie Newcomer

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle

*Photo Shuffle is a new, very short slice of my regular blogs based on setting my Ipod on shuffle and matching up one of my photographs to whatever comes up.


19 thoughts on “Photo Shuffle-When One Door Opens

  1. Wow!! This is definitely relatable especially considering the fact that I’ve recently had a door slammed in my face…quite literally. I’ve heard of other photographers enjoying taking pics of doors so it must be really something within your niche. The song is definitely catchy and I enjoy the message….from you and the song itself!

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  2. Deb

    I have seen many shots of doors and most are often magnificent. I never see any beauty in the doors I see in person,maybe I need a photographers lens to see it. Will be checking out Carrie Newcomer!

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  3. Doors are really interesting… For some reason, I can sit and look at doors and photographs of doors for a while. Maybe I’m thinking about the history behind the door itself or maybe I’m just appreciating every detail it holds. Either way, doors are a mystery even though we use them all the time. Awesome post Robert!

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  4. I like this theme of “doors,” too. I actually have a calendar of doors with monthly inspirational quotes (in Spanish and English) hanging in my bathroom right now.

    Really nice picture of that white door. I like that, and hearing a bit more of your thoughts on this theme. (Maybe you’ll have our own book of doors one day?)

    Finally, I wasn’t able to watch the video. It says it’s unavailable. I don’t know if that’s just because of my location (that happens sometimes), or if it’s something else, but I thought I’d let you know.

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    1. Aww bummer about the video but it happens to me too. I think there were other clips of that song maybe you could try? I really should cull my door photos together in one place. Simple yet full of contrasts type of photos. Glad you enjoyed the photo!

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      1. Hope you can find it somewhere! It is, and her music is very inspirational without being “inspirational” if you get the distinction. Perhaps I’ll work that into a theme on the blog or on my page somehow :-). PS, I LOVE your new post!

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      2. Yes, I was able to find it. I totally get what you mean about her being inspirational but not “inspirational” as it’s usually thought of as a genre. And I hear that in this song. Very uplifting. I think the tone of her voice adds to that inspiration. Very nice.

        Thanks again. 🙂

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