Monochrome Mondays

I’m winding down what has turned out to be my most satisfying and best year of blogging yet here at Soundtrack Of A Photograph. I might squeak out one more post before 2016 ends, but today its time for the last Monochome Mondays before Christmas is here. Today’s photo is kind of a film noir shot I took one night earlier this year on a subway platform in Queens, New York.

'Film Noir' 36th Avenue, Queens NY
‘Film Noir’
36th Avenue, Queens NY

Merry Christmas Everyone, and thank you for your support!

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle


10 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

      1. Usually if you were in the middle of the train you would not necessarily have known it because when you get out you can’t see the street, it just looks like any subway station. If you walk to either end of the platform you would realize you are elevated. Unless I’m forgetting any, all the lines go under and above ground at some point on their trips. Its nice when you are on them for a long commute to come out to some scenery.

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