Monochrome Mondays

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back to the first Monochrome Mondays of the new year. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and after a week off, it is good to bring you another monochrome photo. Only this time, I’m presenting the first guest post here on Monochrome Mondays. The honor goes to my friend and two time collaborator Soranny Mejia. Soranny took this ‘ghostly’ shot at a hotel a few years ago. I love the symmetry and approach she took with this photo. It conveys a wonderful mood and ambiance I think. Do please check out Soranny’s blog for many other great photos. You won’t be disappointed! Remember, once a month I would like to feature guest photographers here, so if you have a monochrome shot you want to feature, leave a comment below!

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Photograph By Soranny Mejia


16 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

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  2. Thanks for sharing great shots with monochrome mondays.
    Here is one of my bnw photos:

    I hope you like it.

    You may find many others at and

    Feel free to include it in one of next monochrome mondays.

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