Monochrome Mondays

Several years ago now when I started taking photos with my first SLR camera I quickly realized that ships and harbor scenes would be regular themes in my work. Actually, I guess you could say transportation in general at this point, but I seem to have a particular affinity for ship photos. There is just something about the movement of ships across a busy harbor that I find intriguing. Small pleasure boats, ferries, cargo and passenger ships all darting around, all with a different agenda. New York Harbor of course has the added bonus of several islands scattered throughout that add to the panorama-Liberty, Ellis, Governor’s and Staten Island. When you actually get out on the harbor it is a thrill to see the unique views from whatever type of craft you are on. Such was the case with this photo, which I took while leaving the harbor on a cruise ship a few years ago. I get very excited in those types of situations (as my wife can attest to!) and though it was late November and chilly, that bright sun bathing the harbor in shadow made for some great shots like this one.

New York Harbor
New York Harbor

10 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

    1. Thank you Tasha. The sun was like that the other day when I was snapping some photos. Big and bright…but because it was overcast, it did not have that blazing force. Which is why I think you and another person commenting have said it looks so calming, And I agree. I have these shots in color too, but the monochrome really does something to the scene.

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