Monochrome Mondays

After weeks of bleak, cold and snowy weather, we had a nice preview of spring this past weekend. Heavy coats, gloves, hat and scarf were ditched and traded out for lighter clothing. Windows were opened for the first time in awhile. Moods seemed to brighten as well, and everyone seemed to take advantage of it. Now we all know that winter is not over of course, and many a hope of early spring are dashed once March comes around, but for this weekend, we could sense it. When we get a tease like this our minds race forward to budding trees, lush grass and bright colors after months in the ‘darkness’ of winter. I know mine certainly does but then I am reminded that winter really does have a unique beauty to it as well, despite the darkness and the cold. The starkness of the background, contrasted with the silhouette of the tree branches in this photo is appealing to me. The twists and turns of the branches can really only be viewed like this in winter, and they appear almost like the veins in your hands. In a month or so buds will begin to blossom and the starkness will be replaced with vibrancy. But as a photographer, I have learned that they can both be equally beautiful.


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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle


14 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

    1. Aww, thank you Jacqueline! The starkness is a really interesting appealing approach for me to capture. This one was helped by it actually snowing lightly, which gave the background that nice contrast to the tree. Thank you as always, and now I’m going to watch your video!


  1. Wow…great comparison! They really do look like veins!I’m sad we didn’t get a winter this year….or last year really. I do remember getting snow on Easter though. Now that was weird. But I miss the beauty of winter.

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    1. That’s too bad you are not getting winter. I mean I don’t like the bitter cold, but a little snow is always nice to see. Hopefully you will get a blast of it before spring hits. I remember a couple of late snows in the past, up until April. That was weird indeed! As to the veins, I’m not the first to mention that but its very true when you think about it! Thanks bud!

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