Soundtrack Of A Photograph, Part 16

2 years ago while in the process of moving, I sat down and wrote this series. My idea was to view some key periods of my life as ‘seasons’, using both music and my own photos of trees to come up with what I call a musical biography. I remain proud of it, and find myself looking back at the series quite often, which is not something I do with a lot of my other posts. I think I realized that I had stumbled on an idea worth pursuing further. I am re-posting this today because after much thought, I am announcing that I have started work on a book version of My Four Seasons- A Musical Biography. I will be using the same theme, working in some of my other posts, expanding some sections, shifting others around. There is no target date, and I will still be writing new posts here, but I am ready to get this going! Looking forward to sharing this all with you in the not too distant future.

Soundtrack Of A Photograph

My Four Seasons, An Introduction

Way back in Part 4 of this blog in November of 2013, I wrote a blog using  photos of trees I had taken over the years. Most of those photos were taken from a perspective of looking at trees from a distance, peering up at them. This past year, while on a beautiful spring day’s photo excursion in Central Park, I accidentally stumbled on a new approach to taking photos of trees. I certainly do not claim it to be my own, but I quickly realized I loved the perspective it presented to me. What happened is that there was a large flowering tree in full bloom on a pathway. While several other people near by stood and took their own photos standing  back and looking up at the tree, I had a flicker of a thought to go under it instead. I ducked under the…

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4 thoughts on “Soundtrack Of A Photograph, Part 16

  1. Yay!! Im so happy for you Robert! For some reason when I saw the announcement yesterday I didn’t realize you’d posted it here! Now it all makes sense! This will take time, but you’ll be completely in your element. The sky’s the limit. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

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