Monochrome Mondays

Here we go with yet another Monochrome Mondays on this first day of Spring. Yesterday was a particularly nice day and I went for a walk down some different streets in our neighborhood. While snapping various photos I was reminded that photography does not always have to be about big, epic scale type photos of landscapes or action shots. Sometimes it can just be about ‘things’. Things that may on an ordinary day mean nothing to you, but then on another jump out at you as if to say ‘Take a picture of me.’ That is what happened yesterday. Our neighborhood is a mix of small warehouses and industry along with residential areas. As I rounded a corner of a street I don’t recall having walked on before I saw this storage yard with an entire fleet of small cranes. The kind with  those jumbo tires used on small construction sites. There was something about how the sunlight was glaring off the rows of them that made me want to take some shots. Thanks to my wife for coming up with the title, which really does suit it.

Also, on a technical note for the other photographers out there, this was among the first shots taken on my brand new camera! It is a Nikon D3400 with an 18-55mm lens. I’ll also be using my new 55-200mm and the nifty 50mm lens now regularly too. After 6 years the D3100 was starting to act up and be less reliable, so I’m very excited to have new equipment again!

Symphony In Metal

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle



7 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

  1. You have a good eye for photography. I woulda walked right passed this thing and not thought twice about it. Love the title Jenn! Awesome photo…my 9 y/o boy is really fascinated with this kind of tools/equipment.

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    1. Thanks Tasha. Like I said, sometimes I have to remind myself its not always about the big, epic photo. Sometimes it can be about something much smaller, or just interesting looking. Because it was a Sunday all those trucks were lined up with the booms stretched out like that. If it had been during the week it would not have looked like that. What child isn’t fascinated by tools at some point! And yes, Jennifer did a really good job on the title on this one!

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    1. First, thank you as always! Second, not so much. They were all parked in a storage yard, maybe about 20 trucks and I guess to save space, they angle them up like that. The hook part of it definitely could swing but it was a pretty nice day when I took it so not too much.


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