Monochrome Mondays

Well it is really starting to warm up where I live after a few false starts, which means it is good to get out on the water. As I think I have said before, I like being near the water year round, but lets face it-summertime is the best. Last Friday I took advantage of a new ferry ride available in the city. It was such a beautiful evening, and I went right from where I work in Brooklyn all the way out to the Rockaways. My friend and fellow blogger Trudy did a great job describing what to expect from the ferry ride (and some great photos too!) so please read her post here.

Of course I had my camera with me and caught some great shots of all the bridges and  Rockaway Beach in my short time there. For more photos from the trip be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook (links below or to the right). Tempted though I was to stay longer,  I wanted to take the slightly longer return trip back to Manhattan while the sun was going down. It was just one of those beautiful nights to be out on a boat with the wind and the waves, not to mention a cold beer to boot! I took this photo just before getting back on the ferry from the pier in Rockaway. Something I thought of as I was taking it was that I love that New York City is not all about the buildings, cars and congestion. There is a surprising amount of nature-parks, beaches, and plenty of opportunity to be out on the water as well. Being out at Rockaway with the sun going down and the skyscrapers of Manhattan off in the distance (and humming a certain Ramones song) is a wonderful way to spend an evening I must say.

Rockaway Beach Pier

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle


14 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

    1. Thank you! I don’t do so well in the heat. On the boat with the breeze is okay, but then I need shade lol. I’m sure tomorrow will be a good day for it. One thing I love about any of the ferries is that its such a cheap way to get out on the water. Okay its not the same as sailing, but you’re still out there. Thanks for allowing me to share your great post!

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      1. No problem, any time! I was thinking about the breeze on the water as well and the available air conditioning inside the boat. I actually dislike Summer with a passion.

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      2. If the water is calm and its a nice evening like the other night, the only place I want to be is up on deck, or in the back such as I was. And yes, I really do as well, mostly because I have to be careful in the heat and sun!

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  1. *Imagine A Joey Ramone Bleat* Rock-rock-rockaway beach!

    I look forward to more of the nature sights, like parks, beaches etc that you mentioned, than the buildings when I do get to go to NY. If movies are to be believed, they’re very busy too!

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    1. Definitely! And ironically I was born in Brooklyn (raised in the suburbs) and never, ever thought I would wind up in Queens. Now I absolutely love it! Though there was a time when New Yorkers didn’t take such good care of the land around them, I think its been on a real upswing lately. And yes, Coney Island and Central Park can get crowded, but there is still a buffer around you and times where you do not believe you are in NYC at all.

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    1. About an hour to Manhattan from there via this high speed ferry. If you look at Rockaway Beach on a map you can see what a unique spot it is. The bay you see here is actually a thriving ecosystem and indeed, is a National Recreation Away run by National Parks. And just on the other side of it is JFK airport!

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  2. Aakansha

    Robert, your pictures are getting better and better with every post. I mean it. Every time you post, your pictures are even more reflective, precise and thought provoking.

    So neat and precise. Great work. 🙂

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    1. Aakansha I don’t know what to say to that! Thank you so much for this comment. Its not a conscious thing, I think I have been focusing on the camera features a bit more than I used to. Believe me, I still take crappy photos sometimes lol. But over time I definitely have learned some tricks. For example in this one, years ago I would have taken it straight on…which is nice but not very interesting. So I deliberately chose this angle to get those things on the pier and to catch the sun streak. Though I still shoot on film occasionally, I do like that you can really see the results and make adjustments with digital. Again, thank you very much, I appreciate it!

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