Home is a unique word. As adults most of us have a home. An actual current home we live in. Often though we talk about other homes from our past. The home we were raised in. The home we lived in after breaking out on our own for the first time. The home we move into with our significant others. The home we spend our final days. The word evokes so much, both good and bad. Earlier tonight, I was looking at this photo I took a few weeks ago on a ferry trip from Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach. The photographer half of me took it because the scene was so inspiring on a beautiful day. The other half of me, the emotional half realized that it was my home in so many ways.

Other than 4 years off for good behavior attending college in Massachusetts, this photo represents all my ‘homes’. On the right of this photo is Brooklyn, where I was born. It also shows Queens, where my wife and I have happily lived for over two years now. On the left is New Jersey, where I grew up and spent all my youth. In the middle of course is Manhattan, where I spent my most crucial years of development. It is where I began taking up photography. It is where I dived deeper into the rich diversity of music that was there for the taking. It is where I met Jennifer, the person who has changed my life the most in so many incredible ways. It is where I learned who I am, though of course that process is ever evolving. Finally, surrounding it all is water, which connects me with my spiritual home of Ireland. Those of you familiar with my posts know that water plays a crucial role in my photography. That ebb and flow feels like life itself, and for me that is a crucial realization. My physical home may change, but for now as I ride the most meager ferry, or sip a beer on a beach, the crucial ingredient to all of them has been a connection to the water. Lakes feed the rivers, which flow to the sea, which carry you away towards home…

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle



16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Beautifully written. And the picture isn’t bad too! Just kidding, it is absolutely gorgeous. I’m getting a hang of your aesthetic after seeing your work for a while. I can’t describe it, but I can identify it. Just curious, since you grew up in New Jersey, do you have a Jersey accent? Like Debbie Harry, you know, “blast aawff”.

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    1. Thanks Amrita! It actually makes me feel really good to know that my photography has an aesthetic! No one has ever used that term before but I feel I do though it is hard to verbalize it. I probably have a tinge of The ‘Joisey’ accent the way we would say it, but probably only certain words. Mom is originally from Ireland, Dad is from the Bronx, do we already had other sounds to work around I suppose!

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    1. It does! There are days when it gets to be too much. The noise and the crowds and the trash and all of that. And then you experience something new and you know its something you only get here.


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