Monochrome Mondays


Here I am, back with Monochrome Mondays again for the first time in a few weeks. I hope you will apologize for the sudden absence. Long story short, I have been incorporating some changes into my personal life in the last month or so. Nothing drastic mind you, but just refocusing my energy to some good things, and stepping away from some not so good things. In terms of here on this blog, I’d like to present my new theme. It has been two years since I changed the appearance here, so with this new found desire it seemed appropriate to change how my blog looks to all of you.

A week ago my wife and I got back from a long weekend trip to Lake George, which I mentioned  in my post last week. I will spare you a repeat of that here, other than with changes in life comes times of reflection and thought. Whenever I go to a new place I get excited, and invariably on the first morning I get up early, camera in hand. There is a palatable buzz I get when that happens, and Lake George was no different. On my Facebook and Instagram pages I posted another version of this photo, but I wanted to save this one for this post. A still and quiet early morning saw me finding this little pier on the lake.  Moments like this waken my senses and awareness, and as I was firing off a few shots, I heard the sound of geese flying and I instinctively framed my shot and waited for them to come into view. Lets just say that when moments like this happen, I do not regret missing a few extra winks of sleep. I treasure the moment. Do you have moments like that? Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

    1. What a great way of putting that Aakansha! It was still sort of dark out its true, and that particular day kept switching between bright sun and lots of rain. But yes it was comforting. These types of platform/dock photos are very popular everywhere. You will see them in galleries and across the internet, similar to what I took here. I think they must be because they can represent so much-stepping off into an abyss, or the unknown, or the solid…whatever interpretation you take. I just like it because the world opens up when you stand at the edge like that. Your comments and thoughtfulness are always appreciated.


  1. Wow! Loved the new theme. I noticed a difference as soon as I arrived on the page. The first thing I noticed was that things look a lil brighter. However, I do see that you seem to have an affinity for the color green!!

    Nice shot you took there…looks like you beat the sun up! Perfect timing though because I don’t think it would be the same without the birds! They are the accessories to your photo!

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    1. Thank you! Funny, the color is actually more like a mustard yellow on my computer which I like. I just used the built in templates and found one that works, but yes, I really like the end result! I did beat the sun actually! I took it without the birds but they were the icing on the cake! Thanks as always bud!


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