Monochrome Mondays

I’m torn and feeling conflicted. Wait a minute Rob, stop right there. After the last few posts people with think this is another spleen-venting post from you! Okay, lets try that again…

I have a dilemma these days. (Yes, much better Rob!) You see when I started this blog a few years ago now, taking monochrome shots wasn’t part of my regular repertoire. I had shot b&w film on occasion, but when I mostly went digital, I very rarely touched the menu options to switch to monochrome. Getting reactions to some of those early film shots convinced me that I really needed to mix it up on occasion, and since then I have. The only problem is, when I see a subject matter I really like, I take them in color and monochrome. And the dilemma sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, is deciding which I actually prefer. I took this photo reflection of clouds in a bright glass window on the photo walk. I put the color one up on Instagram a few days ago, and people liked it. But this morning as I thought about what to feature here today, I thought about looking at this more carefully today. Having two monitors at work helps me make these choices sometimes, to be honest with you. For it was here at my desk that I think I decided that I actually like this one just a bit more than the color. I can’t really say why, I just do. At the time I took it, the sky was blue, bright and cheerful, yet it almost looks ominous in monochrome. I’m realizing that maybe what monochrome does is allow me to imagine a scene either way, almost neutral. I’ll be sure to think about that one the next time I take shots in both formats!

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle




12 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

  1. Both shots are beautiful. Sometimes as artists, our creations are based on what we may feel inside. Maybe the monochrome photograph reflects you better even though you were drawn to the colors of the original photograph. I say go with what you feel, but you can always continue to share both.

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      1. I kind of stopped doing them for now but for over a year I had a series on the blog called Photo Shuffle. I put my Ipod on shuffle and let it pick a song I would write about, so the mood was never predetermined. Except for songs where I had no photo match, I wrote about whatever it landed on. My full music posts however are usually planned out, either because a lyric fits it, or the photo really matches an artist I want to write about. I play music to either stay in a certain mood, or like you, play something to try to change it. End result is on the writing, it is all over the place, but I like it like that I think!

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