50 Things @50-#30 Write A Poem

#30-Write a poem

After a week recovering from celebrating 50, I thought it was time to dive in and begin crossing some items off the list. Its probably obvious but I should just mention that there was no plan to do these in order. I think its fun just to randomly cross things off as the year goes on. So we’ll start with this one, which I am rather terrified of. Writing a blog the past (almost) 5 years is one thing. Those are sometimes hastily thrown ideas together, adding a photo and a song and I can call myself a ‘writer’. But the few little bits of fiction and this poem you are about to read represent ‘real’ writing. And that is rather terrifying to me. Even more so because it is a poem. I enjoy reading them and I actually have found myself returning to that recently. But writing them…oh lord!

I took as inspiration a few photos I took of a tree on the property of my family in Ireland. Long time readers here know I have a thing for trees, and indeed might recall these photos from older posts. I have always been drawn to the idea of how strong trees are. Even when the tree is gone, the roots stay deep in the ground long after. They are powerful things and speak to me of the strength we find in our family and friends but more importantly the resilience deep inside of us. So don’t judge me too harshly for these randomly constructed words!

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Veins churning below the earth

strike out into the darkened void

seeking, searching not for light

but deeper fortitude

Veins climbing the sky ladder

grasping for the shimmering sky

Further, higher by the day

capturing the universe itself with a clutch 

Veins of multiple colored hue

balance the natural architecture in view

A swishing, shifting sound on the breeze

of nature's choir

These veins sit for generations

A sentinel to history. A guardian, a protector

Bending, not breaking to time's will

These veins do not fade

Veins in the earth

Veins in our hands

Rooted and pulsing

Crisscrossing between our worlds
Tree On Family Farm, Kilcar Co. Donegal

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle



17 thoughts on “50 Things @50-#30 Write A Poem

    1. Thank you very much! Yes I have stuff going on in my life and realized I was approaching two weeks since writing the original post. Figured it was time to start off. It does feel good. It feels real now, and especially choosing one of the harder ones. Thanks again

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  1. You’ve always been a lyrical writer. That Irish stereotype is true (at least for the few spectacular ones I know of!), that there’s poetry just in the way they express themselves. This poem (congratulations on being able to tick that off your list! Now, where’s my guest post?) feels natural to your style, both literary and photographic. I love the use of the word “fortitude”.
    The Man Booker Longlist was announced today. Two of the books, if I remember, are about trees. One is by the American Richard Powers called The Overstory which you may find interesting, if you haven’t read it already.

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    1. Amrita, that is a very meaningful comment. Thank you! I suppose I do get the lyrical side to my writing, and I am sure it comes from my Irish side. It is very much true that there is a poetry to the language and people. The fortitude just came to me. I was trying to tax my brain for other words, other ways of saying it. That’s the point of poetry I suppose. I have not heard of that book but I am definitely going to check it out now. As to the guest post, honestly, the comment I left for you the other day gave me an idea in using a sports analogy. Things are still a little crazy in my life now, but I think I would like to use that as a springboard to stretch the idea out. So stay tuned and I can cross that off the list too!

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  2. sandyvern

    Well done!! And congrats on being able to start crossing things off your list! I think trees are very cool…especially after having read “The Hidden Life of Trees” a few months ago. I have a whole new appreciation for trees.

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    1. Thanks very much. I didn’t want to let this linger too long without starting something off. A few of them are hopefully going to be joined together all in one. A few a month and I can do this! Thanks again!


  3. I think this was a good item to start with from your list. Your roots, family tree, heritage are all at the beginning as well.

    The poem is wonderfully written and there are parts that stay with me, like “bending, not breaking to time’s will.” Yaaassss!! Very powerful.

    Congratulations on this first step, I hope we get to hear more from this writer. 😊

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    1. Thank you! This means a great deal to me. The roots part is truth for me, no matter where you are from originally. I’m not very mystical, but I feel that deep connection. I’m glad the writing made sense and you liked it. I’m honestly not sure I would write another one. But I guess the point of this entire list is doing different things, and conquering some level of fear or trepidation. On that aspect, I’m glad I started with it. This will bold well for the rest. Now glancing at the list trying to figure out what is next. Thanks again 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks Trudy! That really means a lot. Not sure I’ll rush out and write another one but it literally is one item now truly removed from the list. And one I thought about for a long time


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