2018 In Photos-Part 2

As promised, following on from last weeks post of my favorite photos I have taken this year, here are some more. These were taken in many of the same places. One thing I tried focusing on this year is stepping outside of my comfort zone and experimenting with my photography more. Case in point is the taxi cab light streak photo. I actually stood on that corner for awhile, making subtle changes to the settings until I found one that I was happy with. I can’t wait to have some time (and good weather) in 2019 to get started taking more photos for all of you again. For now, enjoy these. Make sure you click on them to see them large as they are supposed to be seen. And as always, any likes and shares are always appreciated.

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle



9 thoughts on “2018 In Photos-Part 2

  1. Aakansha

    Such immense talent displayed here. Every picture is exquisite.
    Specially that wonderwheel! It drew me in. And that building in Manhattan makes me want to visit New York even more.
    Stunning shots Robert!

    Liked by 1 person

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