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Hello good people!

My name is Robert and welcome to my music and photography blog Soundtrack Of A Photograph. After much prompting from other bloggers I decided recently to expand my About page to give you all a better idea of who I am, and what this blog is all about.

Here are the basic facts-

Born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, raised in the suburbs of New Jersey in a little speck of a town called Demarest. Lived a completely normal suburban life of riding bikes, playing baseball and swimming. Went to a private boys high school where the only exciting thing that happened in those four years was running cross country and that loneliness of the long distance runner sort of stuff.

After that I went to Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. While there I studied literature and art history which of course explains how I wound up with a degree in Foreign Affairs! I also came across a band that expanded my tastes and brought me on a path of musical exploration I am still happily on today.

At some point years ago I took up photography and gradually I started becoming more confident with it, and people would tell me I had a good eye and took interesting shots. But one day just over two years ago, I had a minor crisis and I realized I wanted to do something more. I did not just want to take photographs, but I wanted to do something different with them. Maybe something that had never quite been done before. As I sat in a coffee shop thinking of ideas, I simply wrote down my passions. At the top of the list were Music and Photography. It was a few minutes later when I defined it as Soundtrack Of A Photograph and this blog was born as a result.

The question was simply, what if a photograph had a song to go with it? One that fit the mood, the season, or the emotion of the photo the same way it does to a movie. For two years now I have been making that connection and as long as there are photographs to take and music to hear, this project will continue.

So sit back, have a listen, have a read and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!


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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle