Preservation Hall, Welllfleet, Massachusetts
Preservation Hall, Welllfleet, Massachusetts

Truth has neither fear nor doubt, 

Truth has patience to wait.

I have been thinking about truth a lot recently. Actually I guess I have been thinking about the lack of truth, the bending of truth, and the fear of truth lately. Or maybe I am thinking about alternate facts, I’m not entirely sure. Yes that last one comes from the headlines, but it speaks volumes about where we are now and how the truth is seemingly less important than ever. Which should frighten us all.

I remember taking an Economics course in college and the professor saying once that no two economists will ever exactly agree on anything. Having at one stage of my life watched those Sunday morning news programs and seen economists debating, that adage is accurate! But it seems that in some circles now we have allowed the truth to suffer and deteriorate.

We have moved to a place where some no longer believe what were once solid principles. Science and History have increasingly come under attack with revisionism. In that light,  maybe the Cubs didn’t actually win the World Series last year. Maybe Thriller isn’t the top selling album of all time. Maybe the dodo bird isn’t extinct. Of course those are what we might call indisputable truths, but then again, I never thought I would believe some people saying today that the earth doesn’t actually revolve around the sun, or that the Holocaust never happened either. Yet some people believe that. Continue reading “Truth”