Soundtrack Of A Photograph


Having reached what had at one point seemed a lofty goal of writing 50 blogs with my most recent blog, I thought it was time for a  change. When I finished it, I have to admit thinking-Should I continue? While I contemplated this I dove headlong into reading other blogs. Lots of them in fact. Not just photography and music related blogs for that matter,  but poetry, political, humor, storytelling and opinion types. I remembered that before I started this whole thing, I used to do that fairly often which was the entire reason I decided to write one for myself. Though I have been following some great fellow bloggers all along,  while I contemplated my decision, I started subscribing to even more. Though we all come by what we write in very different ways, it is a great community to be a part of, and based on conversations with a few bloggers in the last few days I have decided that yes, I will continue with this blog.

But…I think it is good to re-evaluate the state of my blog. Long time readers will probably have already noticed there is a subtle layout change, with a nice big, attention grabbing header at the top, together with a different font and colors. More importantly, I have decided to change the focus ever so slightly. Though my longer blogs may still escape from time to time, I have decided to focus on what the title of my blog proclaims-Soundtrack Of A Photograph. Not photographs..but photograph. From this point on I plan to write shorter (and hopefully more often) and more focused blogs using only one photograph as the visual element. Going forward I have also decided to drop the ‘Part 20’ sequence for each blog.  Lastly I decided I may occasionally venture into different topics that don’t fit my overall theme that I want to write about. I will create a menu to keep everything sorted for easy reference. Enjoy the changes and the new direction!

All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle




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