Photo Shuffle-Sitting On The Porch

I pressed play on my Ipod and this is what I heard…I’m Gonna Sit On The Porch & Pick On My Old Guitar By Johnny Cash

Have A Seat

Have you ever noticed that in moments of stress and bad news people are often told,   “Better take a seat”? Or conversely with good news the same words are usually spoken. I am not exactly sure why that is. The knot that inevitably forms in the stomach feels the same regardless of the option. On the other side of that are those moments you feel you need to just have a seat somewhere and look out at the world around you. That might be looking out at the ocean while sipping a nice drink, enjoying the breeze to the sound of the waves crashing in a repetitive and calming pattern . Or maybe on a bench in the park people watching-families strolling by, dogs pulling their owners, bicycles whizzing by, seniors shuffling along, couples holding hands. Perhaps it is even just sitting on your own bit of space at home, contemplating the weather/politics/money/health/work or whatever happens to be on your mind.

I have experienced all of the above situations of course, but as I have written about in other posts, the little balcony in our apartment now allows for lots of time for me to think about all sorts of things. It really helps to have that sort of space available to us. Now that the weather is getting nicer I look forward to being out there again. And occasionally I do what Johnny Cash sings about in this song-ponder things and strum my guitar (badly in my case!)

In an earlier post I wrote about buying the complete Columbia Records collection of Johnny Cash-all 62 albums in total, packaged in one convenient box. I knew I would return to his music at some point here because of that wealth of music. I’m just surprised it took this long for one to pop up in my Photo Shuffles! I like to think that everything I just wrote about is something Johnny himself pondered as he wrote the song. Those moments where you catch yourself daydreaming a little bit. Your mind drifting through a sea of ‘What If’s and ‘What would happen’ types of scenarios. As I continue to  absorb all the music that comes from such a large source, I remain amazed by the ideas the man had as a songwriter. As I have delved deeper into his catalog in the last few years I began realizing that many of his own song ideas seem to stem from those moments of just sitting down and watching the world go by around him. His music continues to  ring true for me on so many levels and I am glad it popped up again for a Photo Shuffle today!

Where do you like to have a seat to think about things?

I’m Gonna Sit On My Front Porch & Pick On My Old Guitar-Written By J. R. Cash

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8 thoughts on “Photo Shuffle-Sitting On The Porch

  1. Guess we don’t ever have to worry about Tupac or Two Chainz coming up on your Ipod…lol…I liked the imagery of elderly people “shuffling along”….I find myself people watching as well while I’m at the park with the kids. I find myself deep in thought a lot while sitting out in the front yard or driveway.

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    1. Lol…probably not! I like bits of hip-hop and am interested in the origins of it especially! I just had this brief thought when the song came up today, and it was about all those confused thoughts that happen in moments like that. I’m glad I’m not alone! I really appreciate all your wonderful support and comments Tasha. Sincerely.

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  2. Love the photographs! And I also like people watching, but more than thoughts I just find a sense of joy simply looking at other people being happy- an old couple holding hands, kids playing, best friends whispering secrets into each other’s ears and giggling- that kind of stuff!

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    1. I love that! I enjoy seeing happy people, and also in this world we are in, people doing nice things for one another. It can be the simplest thing, but when you stop and look around you, I think we can find more examples of that on a daily basis than one might expect. Glad you liked the photos. The blue chair was taken years ago on Cape Cod, and the park bench was taken on a cold January morning at a park around the corner from us 🙂

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      1. Very true! I strongly believe in the inherent goodness of human spirit and it’s reassuring to witness it in action when all that the media talks about are heinous acts around the world. It restores my faith in humanity 🙂

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  3. I love people watching, on the train, on the street, in coffee shops, anywhere. I wonder about their lives, their happiness, their sadness. Are they on a first date? A couple together forever, children playing in a school yard…we give each other a wealth of ponderings. I feel a real sense of happiness, pain, tears and sheer euphoria depending on where I am and who I see. Love Johnny Cash, love the photo’s too.

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