Photo Shuffle-The Crossroads

I pressed play on my Ipod and this is what I heard…Standing At The Crossroads By Dave Edmunds

Standing At The Crossroads

I’m trying to make an effort to get back to these shorter Photo Shuffle posts after a bit of a gap, as I mentioned in my last post. The song and artist that came up today is a great pick by my Ipod if I do say so myself! In this post from earlier this year I wrote about Nick Lowe. That included the long time musical partnership he and Dave Edmunds had in Rockpile. When I was younger I came across Dave Edmunds’ music before Nick Lowe’s, though not by much if I recall correctly. There was probably something in Edmunds love of 1950’s and early 60’s Rock & Roll that made me pay attention initially compared with Nick Lowe’s more contemporary sounds. There are many things to admire about Dave Edmunds. Musically he can do a great cover of a Chuck Berry song one moment, then put a little country twang on the next song, and then follow that with a hard edged guitar stomper.  In addition he is a great guitarist and though his standout performance will probably always be considered a rocking version of the classical piece ‘Sabre Dance’  I can make the case for many more. He is also a top notch producer. When The Stray Cats ‘Rocked This Town’, it was in large part because Dave Edmunds had produced the album. Not to mention being asked to produce albums by some of his own musical heroes like Dion, and The Everly Brothers. 

Just a short list of classic Edmunds songs includes I Hear You Knocking, Trouble Boys, Girls Talk, Crawling From The Wreckage, Queen Of Hearts (his version predated the hit by Juice Newton), The Race Is On, A1 On The Jukebox, If Sugar Was As Sweet As You, Slipping Away, and dozens more. He’s just one of those musicians that really understands that the simple approach is often the best approach. No screeching guitars or complicated rhythms. Just Rock & Roll pure and simple.

Though he has dabbled with writing songs over the years, he has been more adept at choosing good songs to interpret. Such is the case with Standing At The Crossroads, by the equally great British rocker Mickey Jupp. It is a song replete with typical blues subject matter-love gone bad- “I’m not the man she was looking for, but just the man she found,” anger, and confusion. But its the chorus that really takes it to classic blues territory-standing at the crossroads with Robert Johnson who of course famously sold his soul to the devil in exchange for mastery of the blues. At least that’s how the legend goes! Also there is Elmore James, who later revived Johnson’s own songs. Like a true rock and roller though, Dave Edmunds doesn’t sing the song as a blues, but rather as a jaunty little rock number. The photo I chose above represented the best photo I could find that I have taken of something akin to a crossroads. Should you go forward? Back? Left or Right?  Whenever I come to a rural crossroads like this, I often think not only of Robert Johnson’s ‘crossroads’, but also to one of my favorite all around musicians-Dave Edmunds. If you are unfamiliar with him, I urge you to go check his music out.


Standing At The Crossroads-Written By Mickey Jupp

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle

*Photo Shuffle is a new, very short slice of my regular blogs based on setting my Ipod on shuffle and matching up one of my photographs to whatever comes up.


17 thoughts on “Photo Shuffle-The Crossroads

  1. This is what I envisioned while listening to this song….a movie where the main character walks into a diner…all big and bad…then does something really stupid lol This song has Hollywood written all over it 😀

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  2. When I see this picture, I think of what I might see when I take my trip down Route 66. I’m sure we’ll face all sorts of decisions about where to stop, which roads look the most interesting to explore along the way. Thanks for a great post, as always. I may not always be able to comment, but I still visit regularly! 🙂

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  3. For whatever reason, I never became very familiar with rock and roll, partially because I’m a 90s baby (though I cringe to admit it) and I spent my childhood in the Caribbean, where I didn’t hear this kind of music often. But this was such a lively, fun song! To me, it does also have a bit of a country feel too. Nice choice!

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    1. Hey you like what you like and no one should fault you for it. Its also based on where you grow up, so coming from the Caribbean as you do, it makes even more sense. At the heart of it, even though I like lots of stuff-world, country, folk, blues etc its that straight forward rock and roll I think is my favorite. I won’t tell you what era I’m from however! Lol. Thank you for the comment and I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with your great posts. I’ll correct that!


  4. Muthu

    I love the idea of the song and photo duo. Awesome. Although, I personally think, that breaking your paragraphs into smaller chunks would make for a more compelling read. Keep it coming though.

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    1. Thank you. I used to write very long posts. Probably too long but in the last year I have trimmed them down substantially. My Photo Shuffle series are even shorter by design, typically only three to four paragraphs total. I understand your suggestion and will bear it in mind, but its probably a stubborn streak that comes from my era of education and writing when long paragraphs were actually encouraged! But I very much appreciate your thoughts and comments

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      1. Muthu

        Hey, we all have different writing styles. That’s what makes us unique and interesting. I tend to make my sentences long, longer than necessary sometimes; so not very different you and I. 🙂

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