Monochrome Mondays

Well yesterday was a fabulous spring day here in New York City. My wife and I took a stroll around Flushing Meadows Corona Park and enjoyed the sunshine, glorious weather, and all the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. For those unfamiliar, the park was twice the site of a World’s Fair, first in 1939 and then again in 1964.  It was a great chance to see the icons of this park standing up close and personal such as the Unisphere, the NY State Pavilion, and the Queens Museum. My favorite is definitely the Unisphere, designed for the 1964 World’s Fair by Gilmore D. Clarke. Though it looks impressive every time you drive by on the highway, up close it really takes on a new meaning. Representing the budding space race at the time of construction, to me it takes on an entirely new meaning these days. The entire borough of Queens is probably the most diverse area not just in New York City, but all of the United States. Perhaps even the world. Walking around on a beautiful spring day seeing people from all corners of the world barbecuing, riding bikes, skateboarding, playing soccer or even cricket reminded me that the planners of that World’s Fair chose very well indeed when they added the Unisphere to remind us we all live on this one planet.

The Unisphere

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle



22 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

    1. Thanks Keith. I left my camera at home so cannot give you the technical specs. In all honesty, because of the glare of the sun, I just set to monochrome and went up a stop or two. I didn’t really ‘compose’ it as such. Its very rare that I do. No filter however, what you see is how I took it!


  1. I didn’t realize Queens is so diverse but makes perfect sense why you would choose to live there. You’ve captured the sentiment nicely in this photo Rob!


      1. Have totally forgotten about it! Anyway, it’s the doing that’s the most enjoyable part of it, not the end product. I’m sure you enjoy the rush of adrenaline when you work on a photo more than what happens after it’s displayed.

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      2. Well you shouldn’t! I enjoy reading it on the subway, one at a time type of thing. I enjoy the ‘doing’ of putting a post together, and I do certainly enjoy being out there taking photos. It is adrenaline for sure!

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      3. I was wondering the other day, if you listened to any music while reading that book (feel weird calling it ‘my’), after our discussion on music and reading. Am pleased it’s the sounds of New York life! I tried writing today’s blog post while listening to music today. I thought The Cure would be suitable mood-wise, but Robert Smith can sure write a happy song! Even if the song “Why can’t I be you?”is, in a way, about self-loathing, how can you hate anything in the world when something so wonderful is on?
        I’m definitely sticking to silence when doing anything requiring concentration!

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      4. You should absolutely call it my book. Own it!! I do typically listen to music but I have a 90 minute commute each way so I tend to be able to listen to a lot of stuff. Most mornings I usually like something on the quieter more acoustic side, but it can vary. I’m only marginally aware of The Cure. I have heard them of course, but I could not really tell you what off the top of my head. I do know their reputation for ‘happy’ songs so I’m not surprised, but I am happy that you tried writing with music!

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      5. It was difficult! Music takes precedence over everything, even people! I’ve always had to commute, so I used to listen to music too. I don’t know what’s it like in New York, but accidents happen here all the time because people have earphones on while crossing the road or something. A neighbour of mine told me off once, and I try not to listen to music when I’m out since then!

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      6. Oh there are plenty of accidents, but without music there would be a lot more rage at the MTA (the agency that runs the subways and buses!) I think everyone’s personal music is what keeps a collective level of sanity. I don’t play it when I’m walking at night however. That is just asking for trouble no matter where you are!

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      7. Never thought of it in that way! Guess Sony did humanity a favour by inventing the Walkman! I’ve been trying to listen to music as a young person again – i.e.listen just to the album, in your room, and do nothing else. It’s difficult to do, but so much more rewarding.

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      8. When I am alone I still try to do that, which is a different listening experience than headphones while commuting. I have a decent stereo system (though I’m not technician when it comes to the listening) which I enjoy hearing start to finish. I can listen to just an instrument, or just the vocalist. Or find those little add-ons that go into a recording. Limitless possibilities.

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    1. You are right. Men In Black shows it, along with some other ‘space age’ towers that are run down now, but still close to the unisphere. Its certainly possible you might have seen it in other films but that is a very well known one!


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