Monochrome Mondays

Well well…here we go with another Monday. A Monday that is dark, windy and cold, which follows a few days of snow, rain and ice here in New York City.  Though I actually took this photograph last month, it is a nice reminder of how beautiful the city can look when the snow starts to fall, transforming (temporarily) the dirt and the grime into something that shimmers instead once the snow starts to touch the ground. Monochrome somehow also seems to suit a snow covered scene especially well. This one comes from Rainey Park in Queens, and the buildings beyond the water are actually on Roosevelt Island, a very unique place in all of New York. Have a great Monday everyone!

Rainey Park Queens snowfall
Rainey Park Queens snowfall

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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle


20 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

  1. It really helps that you add detailed notes to these photos. Like a coffee table book on New York, with poetic descriptions. The reader learns about the city, appreciates the art, but also gets something more. I guess I don’t say it often enough, but good job Robert!

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    1. You say it plenty of times, but thank you Amrita! As to the descriptions I suppose that comes from when I used to pore through photo magazines and books. I actually tend to not like the very artistic ones because they tend to not give descriptions. I like knowing exactly where photos were taken personally, be it New York or elsewhere. Thanks for the comment! Off to read your latest 🙂

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      1. Think you might enjoy my latest one. 😀 Inspired by listening to Hank Williams Sr. Recently, I went to a book fair, hoping to pick up some interesting books on photography. There was something about the lack of description, combined with the binding interfering with the larger spreads, that put me off. I guess, I need to have words even when a picture should say a thousand.

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      2. I did, and just left a comment. I want to write about Hank Williams Sr. some day, so perhaps that will inspire me. But I agree. there seems to be two types of photography books-the arty, museum style books that have those large spreads and that binding which I dislike as well! The other style which if I ever do a photo book will be only one photo on a page with a description. You lose scale, but I find it much more pleasant without the binding getting in the way. On a side note, I love looking at maps as you know but I have yet to find a decent atlas where that isn’t an issue as well!

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      3. You’re so right about scale. That’s why I most prefer to go see an exhibition than in any other form. I’m far from photo-literate so I don’t know if I’m right, but one should at least have it in a decent size before deciding what they feel about it!

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  2. New York is so beautiful with the winter snow. Sure wish you’d share some of that with us mid-westerners…..we’ve been missing out tremendously. Is it me or does every park in NY look the same lol

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    1. Thanks Tasha! I’ll gladly share and from what I hear New England will definitely share with you right now. As to the parks, you’re not entirely wrong. They do follow a similar look, owing in part to the designers of them from way back. When you are actually in them, you can spot the differences, but there are a good many similarities.

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