Soundtrack Of A Photograph-Part 1

Source: Soundtrack Of A Photograph-Part 1

Just about 2 years ago to the day, I nervously sat in front of my computer writing this, my first blog. It was also my first foray into writing of any kind since having graduated college more than 20 years before. I did not know what would happen. I did not know if people would get my idea, or even want to read it. 2 years later I am still here, finding ideas and inspiration in the pairing of my own photographs with the music I love. If you had told me it would have been read by thousands of people in some 65 countries I would have thought you were crazy! Best of all, I would never have thought I would have made so many friends from starting this. Fellow bloggers and even some of the musicians I have written about. I thank you all. Reading this first blog I wrote two years ago about a ship plying a course through storm tossed seas, on a cold, wet and gray day here in NY,  I wanted to share it once again.